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Volume 18, Number 1, 2015

Table of contents


Nasrin Shokrpoor, Rita Rezaee, Shekoofeh Nikseresht

Postgraduate Students’ Learning Styles in Electronic and Presence Training in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2014.18.1.5


Andreia-Irina Suciu, Mihaela Culea

The risk of losing national identity in the twenty-first century Romania, or national identity from adaptation to self-censorship

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2014.18.1.13


Hümeyra Aslım Bilge

Luxury Consumption: Literature Review

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2014.18.1.35


Adisa Omerbegovic Arapovic, Zana Karkin

The Impact of Agricultural Market Information System in Bosnia & Herzegovina on Market Integration: Assymetric Information and Market Performance

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2014.18.1.56


Ayla Akbash           

Examination of Corporal Punishment from Three Perspectives: A Recommended Corporal Punishment Counseling Model and its Application

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2014.18.1.68