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Volume 20, Number 4, 2017

Table of Contents

Yavuz Arat
Spatial Requirements for Elderly and Disabled People in the Frame of Universal Design
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.5

Richard Rousseau
West Africa – the Region’s Pivotal Role in International Drug Trafficking
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.19

Sana Imran
Reshaping the National Image of Azerbaijan through Nation Branding Endeavours
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.33

Shahram Afrougheh, Atefeh Lieaghat
The Adaption of Grice’s Maxims in Wole Soyinka’s Discourse in The Strong Breed
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.47

Rabia Ashraf
“…Aspects of My Life that I am trying to Understand better”: Reinterpreting the Misinterpreted Mother in Doris Lessing’s under My Skin and the Grass is Singing
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.56

Sepideh Nourinezhad, Nasrin Shokrpour, Zahra Shahsavar
The Relationship between Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation and Medical Students’ L2 Writing
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.71

Mahboobeh Saadat, Saeed Mehrpour, Yaser Khajavi
The Role of Individual Difference Factors in Writing Feedback Use and Involvement: A Qualitative Study of Iranian EFL Learners’ Perceptions
DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2017.20.4.82

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